Hey! Welcome to my blog! I am Ceylin and I live in Izmir. I am a sophomore in highschool. I was born on June 25. I am 5teen years old. I love fashion, photography, books and tumblr! Every picture was taken by me. I use Canon Rebel t3. Love you all!







Anonymous said: what's the brand and number of the lipstick that you wear in the picture with sunglasses? I loved it :)

I said:

Bobbi Brown Tawny Pink number 10 ☺️

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california-loovee said: Yes I think I've been in Çeşme :)

I said:


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Anonymous said: How's the quality of the victoria's secret tumbler?is it good?and how much did it cost?

I said:

Yes, it’s good and it was like $19

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Anonymous said: Where did you get that you can't sit with us shirt? It's awesome

I said:

Brandy Melville :)

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california-loovee said: How is it to live in Izmir?I was there the last week and really enjoyed my holidays but I wish I lived there too :(

I said:

I really do love living here. Izmir is such a beautiful and safe city. Where have you been? In Çeşme? Because Çeşme is a very popular place for summer :D And I live there! 

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